lighting designer


What does a lighting designer do?

Lighting designers are responsible for transforming outdoor and indoor spaces through the planning and design execution of lighting and electrical systems. Lighting designers solve problems whilst designing lighting systems to meet the needs of the client and according to specifications. A lighting designer is also required to pay attention to cost and working to set budgets when liaising with electrical contractors and third-party suppliers.

Lighting designers usually design lighting systems for residential, commercial or industrial spaces, working with limited supervision as a part of a team in a lighting company, architecture or interior design firm.

What skills does a lighting designer need?

Lighting Designers will have core skills such as a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Electrical Engineering, or a related field and knowledge in lighting design, AutoCAD and Revit. Lighting designers will understand the intricacies of designing and installing electrical systems and will be both creative and analytical with good administrative and time management skills.

What does a lighting designer earn?

Depending on experience and skill, lighting designers can earn between £20,000 - £38,000.


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