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java developer

What does a Java Developer do?

A Java Developer is responsible for many duties throughout the development lifecycle of applications, from concept and design right through to testing, whilst using the programming language Java.

The average salary for a Java Developer is £52,000 depending on location and experience. Skills and knowledge a Java Developer needs include; Object Orientated Programming, Databases, Web Technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery and frameworks Struts and Spring.

What is Java Programming?

Java is pretty much the basis of Android, powering Android apps and is one of the oldest programming languages on the web developed back in 1995. Java development is very versatile and can be used for anything, from web applications, desktop and mobile apps to online games, virtual tours and interactive maps.

Who uses Java Development?

Due to it being one of the oldest programming languages Java still holds its own in the language markets, and as such is used by a large host of businesses, most famously by financial banks such as Lloyds Bank Group, Credit Suisse, Financial Times, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs. However, Java is also favoured by well-known brands, Facebook, Ebay, Netflix, Uber, DigitasLBi, BBC, Sky and Right move.