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cctv engineer

What does a CCTV engineer do?

A CCTV engineer is responsible for the installation and maintenance of CCTV equipment and systems. CCTV engineers will have experience and knowledge working in the security and video surveillance industry. Companies that specialise in mass security and personal safety systems hire CCTV engineers that have this security and closed-circuit television experience.

The role of a CCTV engineer is not limited to just installation, however, and can also include troubleshooting, disassembling, repairing and monitoring alarm systems such as video cameras, remote access systems, audio surveillance and television monitors.

Other CCTV related roles include CCTV operator, Security Systems Engineer, Intruder Alarm Engineer, CCTV Installation and maintenance, CCTV Project Engineer, Installation and Provisioning Engineer.  

What skills does a CCTV engineer need and what can you earn?

CCTV engineers will be highly skilled with an educational certificate in engineering or electronic services. The skills required will vary dependant on the company, but experience in engineering, access control or security services will be highly sought after. CCTV engineers can earn between £22,000 - £35,000 dependant on experience.


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